Tuesday, December 21, 2010

GPP - Edmonton at San Jose 12-21-2010

Geno's game was much like the Oilers tonight. Started out strong but ultimately came up a tad short when the dust settled. All things considered though a solid effort by both.

GPP pick of the night: Blackjack line
Prop, solid puns and a bonus pun by Kevin Quinn makes this one a no brainier for the GPP pick of the night


Blackjack line

Jack of all trades

Dummy (2 parts)

Part 1 (The Sharks A Capella Holiday Album)

Part 2 (AKA: Holy crap Gene is creepy holding a dummy)

Leaving on a jet plane (Devin Setoguchi)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I fell asleep during the game. Missed that Sharks thing entirely. Just... wow. Thornton looks like a Dominatrix wearing that cap on the cover of the tape.