Sunday, December 26, 2010

GPP - Edmonton at Vancouver 12-26-2010

I think Gene was suffering from Christmas dinner hangover. One GPP made the grade (barely) this evening.

Understandable, I'm still tired from the holiday and boxing day rush myself and I didn't have to fly anywhere.

Boxing Day


Anonymous said...

What about the one where Principe was talking about Eberle getting cookware from his parents for Christmas. Then Gene says something like, "but we're still waiting to see how Hall and Eberle "pan" out."

Ssseth said...

I almost posted that one but it seemed really forced and the props weren't even live.

At the end though he didn't say "waiting to see how Hall and Eberle pan out" he said something about waiting to see if their cooking panned out. It would have been better if he was talking about them for sure.

Thanks for the feedback though. I'll start saving the recordings till at least the next game though and if someone posts they thought one was good (or bad) and I missed it, I'll go back and grab it and update the post.