Tuesday, January 11, 2011

GPP - Edmonton at Dallas 01-11-10

I didn't know Gene could sing before tonight. Now I know for sure he can't. Don't quit your day job Geno. I was quite impressed though how he continued on while the play was still underway. I kept expecting him to stop but he needed the... Satisfaction of finishing.

Hemsky, Hall and Eberle heading to the All Star game

Brad Richards and Satisfaction

Bonus: Not really a GPP, but if it pans out I thought it would be neat to look back at Hall's first interview after playing at center in the NHL.

Hall at center


Anonymous said...

Nice, I like the fact you put the Hall interview there. He didnt look bad at C in the final periods. The first I thought a big lost. I think once hes comfy at C playing on a line without Hemmer will be better for him. Both like to carry the puck a lot and right now Taylor is (smartly) just throwing the puck to 83.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I missed this game!