Friday, December 10, 2010

GPP - Oilers vs Lightning 12-10-2010

For the first 8 games of Gene-mas we've got a three pack this evening. Unfortunately I forgot to set my recording a couple minutes early and missed a few seconds of the opening. A sin I know, but I'm still new to this gig with this being the 3rd game I've GPP'ed. Lesson learned though, let's move forward into the holiday season and hope that Geno will pick up some Oilers Cheer Team action next broadcast.

GPP pick of the night: A Linus Problem

Pun 1: The Opening

Pun 2: A Linus Problem

Pun 3: Blackjack line


Anonymous said...

10:1 he makes a pun next game about the Spin


Scott said...

You are doing the world a real service here. Never has Gene's incompetence and terrible humour been summed up so succinctly.

Thank you, and kudos!

Pumphernickle said...

Linus problem.......that's just rock solid!