Monday, December 13, 2010

GPP - Vancouver at Edmonton 12-12-2010

Ran into some technical difficulties last night, well that or I did something wrong when setting the recording. It's less embarrassing to just blame technology so let's say it was the PVR's fault.

Fortunately SnooPac from HF Boards had recorded at least one clip and sent it to me. Thanks a ton, hopefully tomorrow nights recording goes as planned and I'll have the full Gene lineup. Till then, I leave you with this gem.

Pun 1: Luongo
Alternate video link 

Update: SnooPac was able to track down two more clips from the game. Good stuff (finding the clips, the puns themselves are groan out loud bad). Thanks again!

Pun 2: Tanner Glass

Alternate video link 

Pun 3: Oilers themed wedding

Alternate video link

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Anonymous said...

The oilers tribute video is awesome!