Tuesday, December 14, 2010

GPP - Toronto at Edmonton 12-14-2010

Did Gene help pick the name of the new Oilers Cheer Team or something? The Octane? Really? Oh well at least they are easier on the eyes than Gene. Fortunately he didn't miss the chance to have them involved in not only one, but two GPP's. Give the fans what they want Geno. Horrible puns, good looking women and of course props whenever possible.

GPP pick of the night: Octane Cheerleaders part deux
I have a soft spot for props and the Colby Armstrong one was full of them but how can you go wrong with Cheerleaders? Answer. You can't. Well that I loved Kevin Quinn's comment at the end "Sorry Gene, did you say something?".


Octane Cheerleaders

Tom Renny's first NHL coaching job

Octane Cheerleaders part deux

Colby Armstrong and the waffles

On a final note, to all the folks so strongly opposed to The Octane Cheerleaders (horrible name aside), honestly relax. These women are not being taken advantage of, they obviously enjoy the spotlight and attention so let them have their fun. The fans at Rexall Place pay good money to see an unfortunately lackluster product some nights. Even on a good night there are some slow times. If this gives certain folks something else to watch during the TV timeouts other than people diving over one another for free t-shirts or yelling at an imaginary noise meter in a vain hope they will win a free 75 cent bag of chips then so be it.

If you've managed to stick around this long even after my rant above, here is a bonus pre-game GPP (I don't often get a chance to watch the pre-game) sent in by the same chap that came to the rescue and provided some emergency footage last game.

Phil Kessel Pun

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